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Mens Athletic Shoes

So how many pairs of sneakers do you have?

The cool technology that goes into a pair of Mens Athletic Shoes today is far beyond what constitutes a mere pair of sneakers!

Mens Athletic Shoes are categorized by the activity you will be doing, whether it be running, training, walking the trails or just plain walking around town.

You can get Athletic Shoes for pretty much any level of performance you desire in your favorite sport custom designed to perform which exacting specifications.

So how many different categories actually exist when we refer broadly to Mens Athletic Shoes?

Here, at, we will break it down for you into the main sections for easy navigation through the confusing labrynth that is Mens Athletic Footwear.

Mens Running Shoes

To understand the basics for choosing the correct pair of running footwear you should know how your foot is structured. You should know if you have a Normal Arch, High Arch or a Flat Foot. The type of foot you have will impact the type of running sgoe you will need.

Manufacturers build athletic footwear to address these foot differences. You should know whether or not you suffer from overpronation.

Pronation Explained

When you run or walk, you land on the outside edge of your foot and roll inward. This entirely normal inward rolling is called pronation. For most runners, the pronation stops at a healthy point. However, some runners roll inward too much. This excessive inward rolling is called overpronation. Runners who overpronate should wear motion-control shoes, which contain special foams and devices that are designed to limit overpronation.

How can you tell if you overpronate? Here's the easiest way. Take off your shoes, whether your normal work-a-day shoes or your running shoes, and put them on a table with the heels facing out toward you. Now study the heels. If they are fairly straight and tall, you do not have an overpronation problem. If the heels tilt inward (toward the arches), on the other hand, you are probably an overpronator, and should try motion-control shoes. Many (but not all) overpronators are bigger, heavier runners with flat feet.

You can watch a few videos and read more about pronation on Runners World

There are many brands available so here are some of the Mens Running Shoes Brands we really like: Check back as we are adding more mens running shoe brands all the time.

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